Create an API Key Using Deep Security Manager

Create an API key in Deep Security Manager

Create an API key to use for authenticating your requests with Deep Security Manager. When you create an API key, you provide the following properties:

  • A name
  • The role to associate with the key
  • The time zone to associate with the key. This is the default time zone used for interpreting date and time values in API calls and responses.
  • Optionally an expiry date that limits access to a specific period of time.

Upon creation of an API key, you are provided a unique secret key that is associated with the API key. You use this secret key with your API calls for authenticating. You must store the secret key when it is provided because at no other time are you able to obtain it. If you lose the secret key you must create a new API key or create a new secret key for the API key.

An account with administrator privileges is required to create an API key.
  1. In Deep Security Manager, click Administration > User Management > API Keys.
  2. Click Newand enter the property values for the API key.
  3. Click Next.

    The secret key is presented. This is the only time that you can obtain the secret key.

  4. Copy the secret key and securely store it.
  5. Click Close.