April 29, 2020 Release


  • The AWS Connector API now returns more informative error messages.
  • The API has been updated to return 403 instead of 405 responses when multi-tenancy is not enabled or a tenant attempts to use an endpoint for which they do not have access.

March 9, 2020 Release


Use the API to add an Amazon Web Services (AWS) connector and synchronize EC2 Instances and WorkSpaces from AWS to Deep Security:

Calls to the legacy /rest/cloudaccounts/aws endpoint now include a Deprecated:true header. This does not immediately impact any functionality.vAs of June 1, 2020, calls to /rest/awsconnectors/aws that attempt to add an AWS cloud account using a cross account role with a customer-provided external ID will fail as an invalid request. To resolve this issue, update your automation scripts to use the new /api/awsconnectors endpoint. For more information, see

January 27, 2020 Release

No API or Automation Center changes since last release.

January 16, 2020 Release


  • Enhanced GCP Connector API documentation for the request parameter and searchable fields
  • In the expand parameter of /api/computers, the allSecurityModules option now includes Application Control
  • Updated /api/sessions to improve error handling when the body of the request is empty
  • Updated the Scheduled Tasks API so that if a task is disabled, the returned nextRunTime value is null.

December 19, 2019

Added a new recipe to the Cookbook: Assign a Policy to Many Computers.

December 12, 2019 Release


  • New /api/apikeys/current endpoint. POST to this endpoint to change the properties of the API key that is used to authenticate the request.
  • New /api/apikeys/current/secretkey endpoint. POST to this endpoint to change the secret API key of the API key that is used to authenticate the request.
  • The API now ensures that recommendationMode can only be set to enabled or ignored.
  • Updated /api calls to ensure system setting changes are tracked in system events
  • Adjusted the error message for creating a registry scanner API when using an HTTP URL to specify whether the URL is invalid
  • Improved API Reference documentation for computer objects.
  • Updated error messages for duplicate names when creating an administrator or API key

Resolved Issues:

  • An error with securityProfileRecommendationRuleIDsRetrieve occurred when the SOAP API was used to override a recommended rule for a policy using the following steps:

    1. Override the “Alert” option.
    2. Do not override “Events – Inherited”.

This issue is fixed in this release.

New in the Deep Security 12 Feature Release API

The following changes have been made since the release of the Deep Security 12.0 API. Also see What’s New in the Deep Security Help Center for information about general product changes.

New features

Google Cloud Platform integration

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has been integrated with Deep Security. You can now view new GCP instances that come online or are removed, and which instances have protection. If you are using multiple clouds on-premise and in your data center, Deep Security can provide visibility for all of your environments.

Use the /api/gcpconnectors endpoint to automate your GCP-releated tasks. For more information, see the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Connector guide.


  • The response time has been greatly reduced when calling /api/computers?expand=none
  • The response to /api/administrators operations now includes the lastPasswordChange field
  • You can now search on the hostGUID field when searching computers
  • The AzureVirtualMachineSummary property of the Computers API now includes the Azure Subscription ID. See the sample for a 200 response for the Describe a Computer operation in the API Reference.
  • Improved the error message when locked-out API keys are used
  • Added an error message to /api/computers for attempts to delete a cloud-connected computer
  • Improved the error message that is returned when you use an invalid computer group ID as an argument for the operations of /api/computers and /api/computergroups

New and updated content

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where /api accepted requests to enable SAP on computers that do not support SAP
  • Fixed an issue with the API key wizard where the wizard immediately saved the API key when the user specified the role ID
  • Fixed an issue where GET /api/tenants (i.e. list all tenants) would not return a response if a tenant was in a state of suspension due to a database lock
  • Fixed an issue with the /api/systemsettings/ endpoint that caused a 4xx error response
  • Fixed an issue with /api/systemsettings and the platformSettingAgentInitiatedActivationEnabled setting where setting values sometimes didn’t match the value that was displayed in the Deep Security Manager GUI
  • The SOAP API can no longer be used to delete Deep Security Rule Updates that are currently applied
  • Fixed an issue in the antiMalwareEventRetrieve endpoint of the legacy SOAP API