August 20, 2019

The Search for Resources guide provides a new example that searches for null values.

August 15, 2019


  • The AzureVirtualMachineSummary property of the Computers API now includes the Azure Subscription ID. See the sample for a 200 response for the Describe a Computer operation in the API Reference.
  • The new SDK Version Compatibility guide explains which versions of the SDK and Deep Security are compatible.

August 1, 2019

In the API Reference, the descriptions for /api operations that are performed on single settings have been updated.

July 23, 2019

Resolved issue:

  • The SOAP API can no longer be used to delete Deep Security Rule Updates that are currently applied.

July 16, 2019


  • Improved the error message for locked-out API keys
  • Added information about how to find when the last recommendation scan ran on a computer. See “Find when recommendation scans last ran” in the Assign Rules with Recommendation Scans guide

July 12, 2019

Added information to guides about how to easily set a single setting:

July 11, 2019


  • Added an error message to /api/computers for attempts to delete a cloud-connected computer

Resolved issues:

  • Fixed an issue where /api accepts requests to enable SAP on computers that do not support SAP

July 9, 2019


  • The response time has been greatly reduced when calling

Resolved issues:

  • Fixed an issue in the antiMalwareEventRetrieve endpoint of the legacy SOAP API

June 27, 2019

Fixed an issue with the API key wizard where the wizard immediately saved the API key when the user specified the role ID.

June 25, 2019

  • Corrected an issue with the /api/systemsettings/ endpoint that caused a 4xx error response
  • Fixed an issue with /api/systemsettings and the platformSettingAgentInitiatedActivationEnabled setting where setting values sometimes didn’t match the value that was displayed in the Deep Security Manager GUI

June 18, 2019

The Scripts API and the Scripts object are no longer available in DSaaS. These items are available only to the primary tenant and are not applicable to tenants.

June 7, 2019

  • Added validation to the /api/administrators endpoint to ensure primary contacts have emails.
  • Computer vCloud VMs are searchable using the /api/computers endpoint.
  • The /api/systemsettings, /api/policies and /api/computers endpoints enable you to get, modify, and reset a specific system, policy, and computer setting, respectively.

May 22, 2019

  • Added the Performance Tips guide. Includes information about how to use the expand parameter with methods and functions of the ComputerApi class to minimize response sizes, and other strategies to increase performance.
  • Updated code examples to use the expand parameter in various guides.

May 16, 2019

  • Added a new query parameter expand to /api/computers that filters the data that is included in the response. The query parameter is available on the describe, list, and search operations.
  • When you use the API to create, modify, or delete a Security Update scheduled task, Send Policy is executed for the computer that is assigned the task.

May 09, 2019


  • Exposed the firewallSettingSyslogConfigId setting
  • Computers that are managed by an AWS cloud connector now contain the AWS account ID

Resolved issues:

  • The deprecated quarantineRecordID field was removed from the response of the legacy AntiMalware Events API without notice. This issue is fixed in this release. The quarantineRecordID field was added back to the API response.
  • Fixed an issue where certain links to API keys did not work as expected.

April 25, 2019

Added code examples to API Rate Limits that show how to retry a call when an API rate limit is exceeded.

April 11, 2019

  • Enabled API rate limiting to prevent malicious or accidental over-use. See API Rate Limits.
  • Added information about how to use the API to generate an agent deployment script to the Use the Deep Security Deployment Scripts guide.
  • Added the Changelog link to the main navigation bar.

April 5, 2019

The /api/computers endpoint now supports searching on the tasks/agentTasks and tasks/applianceTasks fields.

March 28, 2019

Examples that are featured in Automation Center guides are now provided in the public Deep Security Automation Center SDK Samples GitHub repository. See the readme for how to run the samples.

March 21, 2019

Expanded support in the /api/computers endpoint to enable searching on numerous objects. See the Computer field descriptions in the API reference to see what is searchable. Also see the Search for Resources guide.

March 14, 2019

  • All calls to to non-existent /api endpoints now return a 404 error instead of a 400 error.
  • Application Control API capabilities have been introduced to /api. The following API endpoints have been added: /api/applicationcontrolglobalrules, /api/rulesets, /api/softwarechanges, and /api/softwareinventories. The following settings have been added to computerSettings for the Computers API: maintenanceModeState, maintenanceModeDuration, maintenanceModeStartTime (read-only), and maintenanceModeEndTime (read-only). See Configure Application Control.

February 14, 2019

Published the Add Computers guide.

January 31, 2019

  • Anti-Malware Configurations endpoints: Enhanced validation and guidance around scan actions.
  • Generate an API Key for the Tenant operation: New error message indicates when a tenant is not in an active state.
  • Rule assignment operations: Error messages for rule dependency issues now include the ID of the dependent rule, for example when a rule is assigned to a policy and the rule depends on another rule that is not yet assigned.

January 24, 2019

  • New API endpoint /api/agentdeploymentscripts. Use to generate Deep Security Agent deployment scripts for Linux, Windows or Solaris platforms.
  • New guide: Troubleshooting Tips

December 20, 2018

New guides content for SDKs: