Use the Deep Security Deployment Scripts

Trend Micro provides several utilities and scripts that you can adapt to your environments for deploying Deep Security Manager and Deep Security Agent. The deep-security GitHub repositories contain the following useful scripts:

  • CloudFormation templates for deploying Deep Security Manager to AWS.
  • Scripts that deploy the Deep Security VM Extension on Azure.
  • Ansible playbooks, Chef cookbooks, and Puppet manifests that deploy Deep Security Agent.
  • Elastic Beanstalk scripts that deploy Deep Securty Agent to AWS images.
  • Bash and Powershell scripts for automating various Agent and Manager tasks.

Scripts are also provided for automating typical tasks on Deep Security Manager and Agent.

You can use Deep Security Manager to generate deployment scripts for installing the agent locally. (See Use deployment scripts to add and protect computers in the Deep Security Help Center.)

See the README for each repository to discover the level of support that Trend Micro  provides for the script or utility.